Meet Me

Maria "De La Luz" Peralta

Founder and Emotional Freedom Therapy and  Thought  Field Therapy Certified Practitioner. As a practitioner that uses creatively designed personal pathway that will best suit the client, I enjoy seeing people set free through innovative tools that will set them into their divinely designed life. 


My ongoing drive is to see people healed through the therapeutic environment which I have designed in order to welcome the energy power of Holy Spirit.  If you are experiencing stress, life challenges, sickness, or feel stuck you probably need assistant in clearing your soul which may be holding negative emotions.  I love to empower you to be able to walk in wholeness, in body, soul, and spirit. 



Want to know more?:

   After attending Harrington Institute of Interior Design, She became a designer for Wickes Furniture over 8 years and Expo Home Depot, she did design consultations and create spaces that will not only bring a transformation to the rooms but also bring people into a new state of mind and perspective.  She has redesigned and created spaces like nurseries, children, recreational rooms, kitchen, baths, hospitals, coffee houses and much more.  


As an artist, Maria believes that the arts have the power to create and change an atmosphere.  They speak into the atmosphere, using the significance of color and textures. 


As a transformational coach, Maria currently oversees the GCC Healing Center which is design to bring healing through creative elements.  She uses guided meditation, painting and movement to release wholeness (body, soul and Spirit).  She partners with the Holy Spirit's Energy Power and connects you Spiritually that will guide you into wholeness. This will bring alignment to you that will open the possibility for growth in your life.


Over 8 years and has helped people from all age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and journeys.  She has been transformed through the power of meditation, dreams, and creativity in her own personal life and has testimonies of the power that it has brought others into their breakthroughs.  She believes a change of atmosphere can affect your state of mind and help with the healing process.